Echoes of Praise Ministries

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About EOPM

Help for today, hope for tomorrow,

Echoes of Praise Ministries International Inc., from its beginning has confessed itself to be a church of the One Holy, Sanctified, Pentecostal, Christian Church and has sought to be faithful to it. It confesses as its own the history of the people and prophets of God recorded in the Old and New Testaments, and that same history and belief of the Holy Bible as it has extended from the days of the apostles to our own.
As its own people, it embraces the people of God through the ages, those redeemed through Jesus Christ in whatever expression of the one church they may be found. Echoes of Praise Ministries International Inc. have responded to its special calling to proclaim the doctrine and experience of entire sanctification and holiness.

Our Mission

Govern by the Authority of God and His Word and in commitment to Christ and His Church “Echoes of Praise Ministries Int’l Inc. exits to equip and empower people to advance the Kingdom of God and Christ through Ministries that educate, edify and evangelize.”

Our Vision

To stir up the in all believers and equip them to:
Live Saintly
Think biblically
Work Effectively
Reach a lost World consistently

Declaration of Faith

We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
We are one body in the Lord


We are here to serve